How we do it.

> Building your theme.

From voir dire to closing argument, Jurygroup will show you how the subtle behavior of each juror can predict attitudes and opinions about the case. We advise you how to use that feedback to adjust your message strategy. Jurygroup behavioral scientists analyze your case and audience and recommend the themes, words and images that will best reach your fact finder.

> Reading jurors’ secret language.

Next, we refine the message strategy with mock juries and focus groups that mirror your target audience. We’ll interview them to capture the thoughts and attitudes behind their decisions, and prepare a report that will help you make the optimal jury selections for your case.

> Show what can’t be seen.

Jurygroup prepares computer animations that captivate judges and jurors. Animation demonstrates facts in ways that are not possible in any other medium. It can speed up time or slow it down, reconstruct the past or project the future. It shows scenes from any viewpoint: above, below, around, in slices or inside out. Outer surfaces dissolve to show inner workings. Abstract financial and scientific concepts become interesting and easy to understand. Jurygroup’s computer animation team will work with you and your experts to help make certain that animations are accurate, relevant and informative.

> Up close and personal at any distance.

Jurygroup’s team of videographers will use the latest technology and graphic techniques to give your video the polish and punch of broadcast television. We can record witness testimony, present multiple views of an incident site, or show a day in the life of an individual or business. Use video from Jurygroup to settle your case successfully or make a winning presentation in court.